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Van Talk

We get in the hotel van after a long day and the first officer starts talking sports. He is sitting right next to me, so to show my lack of enthusiasm for this particular subject, I pick up a magazine that was just sitting on the seat. Something to do with the Navy. This should be an indicator of how little I want to talk about sports.

He starts talking about the passengers on the plane, there were some Boise State fans and one lonely Seahawks fan. He starts laying in on how bad the Seahawks suck. After his diatribe, he turns to me and asks who my team is. I say I don't have a team. He says surely you do then asks me where I'm from. I now say he has already abused one team from the Emerald City, how many more would he like to pick apart? His mouth drops open.

Furthermore I tell him that I am responsible for raising three boys and molding their wee little minds and NONE of them are into team sports. Nary a one.

He is dumbfounded. He asks "Well what are they into then? What do they enjoy doing?" This next part may be a bit offsides and I could have been channeling Tuesday Adam's here but I said "Torturing small animals".

Blink. Blink.

Then I promptly put my headphones on. And we're done.

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