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The HERstory of JetSet Betty

I have been a flight attendant for the better part of my adult life. I started when I was barely 21 years old. The first airline I worked for was small and poorly run. As such, it went out of business within 3 years of my employment with them. I got a job with another airline about a year later and I have been keeping the skies friendly ever since, which amounts to 26 years now! Wow! Time really does “fly”. You can groan, it’s okay, I did.

My roller bag had destination patches all over the side. I wanted it to look like one of those old steamer trunks. My hope was that people wouldn’t get it confused with their own black-roller-bag-with-wheels-and-a-handle and mistakenly take it…. It would also stand out at the baggage carousel or lined up with all the other crew bags getting out of the hotel van. Win/win. After about the five hundredth time someone commented on how cool my bag was with all the patches, I decided to start making merit badges/patches for flight attendants.

In 2008, armed with 14 years of stewardess experience and a ridiculously talented designer/computer literate husband, we came up with Peanut Proficiency, I Survived Barbie Boot Camp, Serving Drinks Saving Lives, Deadhead Diva, Cockpit Queen and Stew U. I then thought it would be cool to represent your base as we are always so curious to know where someone is based. Why? I don’t know. We had a lot of fun getting creative while designing patches based on their city codes.

From there we came up with some button designs flight attendants could wear on their aprons while doing service. These were definitely tongue in cheek fun items to have. My first event was an airline party in Las Vegas and it was an absolute riot watching people’s faces as they read the buttons. This by far is my favorite part, seeing the hysterical responses to a product I make!

Stickers were a natural progression of almost all of the patch designs, in theory so pilots could put them on their brain bags. After that came t-shirts and clutches, then magnets. So now we offer 34 patch designs, 12 magnets, 29 buttons, 2 options for clutches as well as 33 stickers and shirt designs in male and female!

How it works is…. my husband does all the pretty designs on the computer per my request and I do all the heavy lifting! Meaning making, marketing, selling, and distributing the product. More on that in the Product Information sheet. I couldn’t do it without him or rather I could but that would mean getting over my fear of technology and going to school for years and years….. I am almost positive he wouldn’t do it without me. So we keep our day jobs, have time for family and enjoy each other in the process!

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