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Sing Song

I do not have a sing song voice.  I wish I had, mostly because I think it is what people expect of those in the customer service industry.  A perpetual smile and a sing song voice.  My speaking style is direct as is my gaze.  I’m not sure if I started out this way or I just adapted to my work environment over time as a sort of coping mechanism.   My voice does not have a lot of inflection for the negative nor the positive until it is of the utmost necessity.

For example, when I am reminding you to fasten your seatbelt….  I am not the one giggling, scrunching up my shoulders and cute little nose while speaking in baby talk to get you to comply.  Especially if it is something that you know you should have already done.  You know the voice, the one reserved solely for small children, cute animals and supposedly the flying public.

I usually state things in a matter of fact nature.  I’m not judging.  Well, to be honest, at first I’m not judging.  Then depending on your reaction to my request or question… I judge.  I become Judgey McJudgerson!  Oh!  You’re a frequent flyer, how fantastic.  Then you know by the pitch of the aircraft and the drop of the landing gear that your laptop should have already been off and put away about 2000 feet ago.   Odd how each one of the crew has had to remind you.  This is said dead pan while making constant eye contact.  I get results, eye rolls and heavy sighs, but results nonetheless.

I know what you want is for me to excuse your little indiscretion with a wink and a smile but that would suck the life out of what little soul I have left.  So, no.

"If you could just put your little baggy waggy all the way under the seaty wheaty, that would make your tired and slightly homicidal flight attendant oh so happy wappy……"

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