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Mad Libs - Stew Style

"h-h-hello?" "Is this (your name)?" "uh-huh." "This is Earlene from scheduling. We are going to have to (verb) you." You think to yourself Oh (expletive)! but say "Really?" "Yes, in fact we need you at the airport in (number) minutes. You will be working flight 1982 to (city). There you will sit for (number) hours and then return so you can meet up with your original trip. Got that? Have a (adjective) day!" "(verb) it up your (noun) Earlene, I mean yes." Upon arriving at the aircraft, you realize you are working with the (adjective)(adjective) crew. You forget your (noun) at the hotel, your (noun) feels like (expletive) because of the (number) of (plural noun) the night before! You slam the OHB on your (body part), your (noun) isn't working and a passenger just (verb) you in the (noun). *SMILE* The pilots show up. The captain is (adjective) with a (adjective)(noun). The first officer has a very (adjective) (noun). Strange you think, how does it fit in the cockpit? (number) minutes into the flight, 17A starts (verb). Everyone around him starts (verb). You just stand there thinking of all the other jobs you could have done with your (adjective) (noun). When you finally get to your room (number) hours later, your (body part) hurts, room service is (verb) and all you really want to do is (verb)!

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