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I love my job!

If you ever have the opportunity to ask a flight attendant if they like their job, they ALWAYS emphatically answer yes! Then as if to convince you (and quite possibly themselves) they expound on all the areas they are in love with it. For instance, the flexible work schedule, flight benefits, great pay, medical, dental, 401k, profit sharing, getting some peace and quiet away from your kids and/or husband to name a few. But wait a minute, that's not the job. Those are the benefits of working in this field true, but it's not the job. How come no one ever says I really like reminding people fifteen times to turn off their cell phones or to be seated when the damn sign is on? Why don't I ever hear how much you just love to hand out snacks, pass out drinks or pick up trash? Or how much you like glancing at crotches to make sure their seat belts are fastened. Rearranging luggage in the overhead bin resulting in a smashed appendage is never on the list either. How come no one ever says using my first aid/emergency training in flight? What about equipment checks, briefings, manual revisions, turbulence, delays, intoxicated passengers and 14 hour duty days? No? Not your favorite part? Then what is?

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